30 Followers Giveaway prize!


Thank you so much, friends! As promised here is the giveaway prize: 2 small prim pillows. The flag one is 9"X5", made of cotton ticking with a solid navy back. The heart-shaped pillow is made of dark green homespun with a mini-checkered dark green & natural back and natural-color lace trimming. It is 9"X9". Both are filled with polyester fiberfill.
The contest rules: 1. be a follower, and at least 18 years of age. 2. post a comment on this post stating you'd like to win.
*Bonus*: answer this fill in the blank- In the frontier Americana era, a "good seamstress" stitched approx. ___ stitches per inch.
Hint: the answer is on one of this blog's pages

The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on 21 January. By correctly answering the fill in the blank, you will get 2 entries in the contest. Thank you all so much for following and announcing my blog to help me out. 'Love to you all. By entering this giveaway, you affirm that you have read, understand, and agree with this blog's: Privacy Policy/Giveaway Rules


  1. Hi Danice! Great blog!
    I would love to be entered in your drawing. I think the answer is 12 stitches per inch!

  2. Debra, thanks. You are entered, friend. Actually, look again at the Hint: on this blog's pages :) The word "pages" is a link to the page with the answer :)

  3. Hi I just became your newest follower! I love the dresses you make, can you make them for adults as well. lol. Glad to have found you and 22 stitches is the answer. Please count me in on your giveaway, and stop over to my blog sometime soon! Im just getting into prim and need all the help I can get!

  4. Hi! I am a new follower and a good seamstress had 22 stitches per inch. Please enter me into your giveaway and thank you for being so generous. Very interesting articles, too! Take Care and God Bless! Donna, gmills4@suddenlink.net

  5. I'm already a follower and would like to be entered in your giveaway - the correct answer is 22-can you imagine stitching that small?

  6. Michelle,Donna, and Wendy, thank you all. You are entered 2 times each in the contest. Thanks for the compliments, too. Yes, Wendy that was some small stitching for sure :)

  7. The answer is 22!! Ding ding ding....lol!! Anyway, please enter me Danice! I have been a follower!

  8. I am a follower,and would love to be entered in this great give away!! OH BTW 22 stitches per inch

  9. Hi Danice I'm a new follower (katbow7) the answer to the question is 22 stitches per inch.

    Please enter me thank you and have a blessed week

  10. Hi Danice, I would love to be entered in you wonderful giveway. I am a new follower of your blog. It is a very interesting read. The answer to the question is 22 stitches per inch. Thanks for sharing...Maureen macbasketspa@aol.com

  11. Not sure if I qualify for your giveaway since I am in the UK but I have become a follower anyway. And just incase I do qualify it's 22 per inch!
    You have a lot of info here great Blog

  12. Wow! Great response rate. Thank you all :) Silvia, the contest is open to all locations. 'Got you entered 2 times.

  13. Hi Danice:) Please enter me. Twenty-two stitches per inch is how the frontier gals did it, which is why their handmades lasted so long allowing us gals today to enjoy them.

  14. The answer is 22 and please enter me for your giveaway. I have become a follower of your blog. Maybe you would like to hop over to our blog and become a follower. My hubby and I work with wood. Kay

  15. I am a new follower too..love your blog and will be back..the answer is 22...I have alot of writings from my grandmother and great grandmother about such times...and although work was hard and times were tough...they were a happy people...can we say the same today?

  16. Hi!
    I am a follower.
    I checked and it is 22 stitches.
    I am also having a giveaway!
    Please enter me in your giveaway! :+)

  17. Love your giveaways! I follow your blog
    via Google Friend Connect (windycindy)!
    A good seamstress stitched 22 stitches
    per inch~ WOW...
    Many thanks to you, Cindi