More SNOW for Alabama ⚛

Well, snow again in Alabama. This time, it is much more than before. Approximately 1' this time. I must admit, I had doubted the weather forecast. But it happened didn't it? Although Alabama has declared a state of emergency, 'just wanted to share this beautiful photo with you all. 'Shot this image myself. The scene reminds me of an old movie. I went to see if the newspaper came, and it hasn't. 'Guess college classes will be cancelled today for sure. Thank you all who are following. Many have entered the contest. I appreciate you all so much. We will have a winner on 21 January, so stay tuned!


  1. Oh have snow! We only have 4" so far......but more is coming. WE will be sledding later today! All the grandkids will be ready to go I am sure.

    Thank you for coming over to day to my nice to have you!

    Blessings, Linda

  2. You may keep all the Snow there!!! We had ours and as far as i am concerned I don't want anymore

  3. Yeah, the snow is pretty but it is bad that school and businesses are closed. Our newspaper was never delivered either.


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