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I have been told that people cannot reply to me because I am a "No Reply" in my Blogger settings. This is because I do not do "mailto:" links anywhere online. More on that later in this paragraph. So, for a way to contact me, I do Contact Forms with a CAPTCHA security code box. I just tested my Email images on most of my blogs [on this blog it is an old phone image in the left sidebar]. I sent messages to myself again, and they all went straight to my email account. The same when I originally placed the Contact Forms there. The reason I do not do "mailto:" links is because even though 99% of Bloggers would not spam or hack my email, there are people out there who would. Not to dispute anyone's word, but I can be contacted. And all my blogs have always allowed comments. Blogger does have Spam Guard, but sometimes spam and hacking can slip through with a free security or even a paid-for security system. My idea is, why make it easier for spammers and hackers? Reveal private info to the whole internet and cost a lot of money to repair my computer? Get your free contact forms here: Email Me

I receive many emails from bloggers through those Contact Forms, so I don't really know what is not working for some people. I certainly want everyone to be able to reach me. I hope if anyone needs to contact me that you will try my Email images on my blogs that go directly to the Contact Form. I really appreciate all my blogger friends, and love getting comments and emails from you all.
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  1. Hi Danice! How funny that you posted this because you left a comment on my blog. I hit reply to visit with you and realized you were a "no reply blogger". So I followed your name to your profile and came across 7 blogs! Oh my word girl, how on earth do you keep up with all of them?? I only have 2 and one is always being neglected. I am now your newest follower of your Homespun Hannah blog. =] Thanks for following mine.

    Have a fabulous week~

  2. Yeah, I dont intend to sound unfriendly by being a "no reply", it's just that I won't do "mailto:" anywhere on the internet. And, that's the platform Blogger has for replies. That's why I do the Contact Form so people can find me. It is much safer :)


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