Alabama storms

I have not been online for a while. I live in Alabama, and we have been ravaged with storms. My family is OK, and we pray for those who did lose loved ones. Thousands still do not have power, and won't for a few more days. We are lucky our power is back on.

These were multiple EF4 and EF5 tornadoes, destructing simultaneously. We had no power, cell phone service, or internet for many hours in my town. Stores in nearby Tennessee are having waiting lines for people needing food and gasoline. Keep in mind that gasoline pumps run on electricity, and chainsaws to cut these fallen uprooted trees run on gasoline. Some trees are weak, and are falling after the fact. There was damage about one mile from our house, but none to our house. Our yard is flooded, but luckily our house is built up on bricks off the ground. Some gasoline stores are even price-gouging with reports of up to 14 cents increase per gallon. Luckily, water systems are working and generators are in place. Curfews are in place, and sadly looting is happening.

The Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant was damaged, and this is the hook-up for many of the utilities services here in the Tennessee Valley. President Obama is to arrive tomorrow, and Alabama was declared a state of emergency yesterday. Mother and I have a basement where we went for safety. We were stocked-up on batteries and water, and some snack foods. She also had all her medical prescriptions filled and did not miss any doses. Please pray for us, especially the people who are so much worse off.


  1. Danice,
    So glad you are all safe. I've seen the destruction on tv and my heart goes out to all of the south. It came our way this morning about 3 am and terrified me, but we did not lose anything,
    Saying prayers for all.

  2. Hi Danice,
    I'm glad you posted here. I had not heard from you and I was getting worried about you. Glad you are safe and sound. Will keep you and Alabama in our prayers.
    Your friend,

  3. Oh, yes Rene and Jean, I have missed you all. Internet is up for now, but not guaranteed. Many cell phone towers are severely dmaged or destroyed also. My cell does not work curently. Hunstville is coming here to get gasoline for essential-needs people also. Like hospital and EMT workers who need to travel. The key word here is NEED. Folks who do not need to travel are advised not to. Curfews are in place, and those "sightseeing" will be asked to return home or possibly be arrested. This was on the newscast and radio this morning. So, we sit tight and wait... Love to you all :)

  4. I beleive that the reason mother and I do have power here is b/c we are within a mile of the area hospital, police and fire departments. We may be benefitting from the fact that those locations are crucial and must have power, and our lines are connected. The ambulances and various other sirens are wailing constantly and have been for many hours now. Just learned that my neice and her boyfriend are en route here now. Traffic on the major highways is backed-up so they won't arrive very soon. Will post again once they arrive safely. Daughter and family in north Tennessee are all safe. The baby is due in a few weeks (my daughter is pregnant).

  5. Danice,
    Please stay safe and know that your family and all of Alabama are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care

  6. Thank you, Sabrina. It truly is a nightmare, and my town was not hit quite as hard as some areas, such as Arab, Guntersville, and Tuscaloosa (University of Alabama). Federal aid is being approved as I write, including but not limited to FEMA. Many people in Alabama are caring, helpful people and local groups are volunteering and helping however possible. Many are working 24/7. I am unable, however, to establish cell phone connection to my neice and her boyfriend who are still en route here.

  7. Thinking of you and all that have been in this destructive path of weather! Prayers for you all!!


  8. Thank you, Brenda. It has been really scary. My neice and her boyfriend have arrived safely in the Shoals about an hour ago. Mother and I are gathering canned and paper goods to donate locally in the relief efforts.

  9. Hi danice, I am so sorry to hear of your States dilemas. We here in Vermont have had record snowfall this past winter and record rain this spring so I know first hand what raging water is like. So far we have dodged the bullet as well but the damage is in the millions throughout the state. Stay well my friend, you are in my prayers,♥Judi

  10. Thank you, Judi. You all are in my prayers also.


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