Image optimizing

Good morning, friends. Another tip for blogging. Have you noticed in the Template Designer that if you try to upload a background it must be 300k or less in size? Many times, a background will be larger than this. What can you do? Optimize the background so that the file size is smaller. Go to these links to use free image optimizers. There's no program to download to your computer.

*Image Optimizer*

*Dynamic Drive*

Optimized images will help your blog/site to load faster, especially if you have many images and/or large images over 250px square in size. They also tend to be clearer, sharper images.

I have so many blogs, whew! 'Not easy for people to know about or remember them all. I have added a page with them all listed. You can see that page listed in the page links, or go here: *My Other Blogs*


  1. You are welcome. 'Hope it is helpful to you :)

  2. Hi Danice,
    I know--I noticed you got all these new blogs!! And I love your buttons on this one--they're so cute going down the page!!

  3. Thank you, Cindy :) I just have so many interests, ha. Thus, all my blogs :)

  4. Oh wow, thank you so much for posting the button for the contest!!! Thanks a million!!!


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