10 October, 2011

Moose lamp shade

This is a Moose lamp shade that I designed and made last year. The wall base is an old sconce from the early 1960's. It has a glass hurricane-style globe underneath my shade. The shade is made from craft paper with acrylic painting and leather trim. I free-hand drew the moose and background, and laced the edges with the leather trim. For safety, I left the glass hurricane globe underneath. The old sconce belonged to my late step-father. What do you all think of my creation?


  1. I think you did an awesome job, Danice. It's a great idea for a hurricane lamp. And, the best part is you have
    something special you've done with a family heirloom.
    Warm Regards,

  2. Great job girl! I wouldn't even attempt free hand. I really like the stitching around the top and bottom... it really adds to the cabin feel.


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