Images looking pale?

Do your images look somewhat pale when uploaded online? Here is an excellent free program that can solve that. The above image is pale- "as is" with no editing. The image below has been edited easily using Google Picasa. This is a free download that is easy to operate. Simlpy click on the image and choose options from the Effects. If the photo looks better, click Apply, save to your computer, and your image will be clearer. If an Effect does not look to please you, simply click Cancel and try another. There are also other options, such as add text, auto color, straighten image, remove red eye, and backlight. You can also choose to have your image albums private or public, a nice feature. This gift pictured was given to me from Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings.

*Download Picasa at this link: PICASA*


  1. I love Picasa...Only it takes a while to get into Picnic! Hugs, Laura


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