Christmas apron

This is the apron I made for Mother for Christmas. We didn't have much money to spend on gifts, but it's the thought that really counts anyway. This apron is fully lined and has a front left-side pocket. I didn't get any pictures of the other family members opening their gifts, as I was feeling really bad with that tooth ache. Mother really likes the apron. Also, Happy Birthday to my niece Mary today. She is now 28 years old, and expecting her first baby in April. Happy birthday wishes to Mary!


  1. The apron is darling!! Who wouldn't love it?! Homemade gifts are the bestest! I'd much rather have homemade than store bought... Unless it was a Kitchenaid mixer, then I would have to go with that. =]

    Happy Birthday to Mary~

  2. It is a beautiful apron. I am sure your Mom will wear it for years to come and cherish it forever. I like the gifts I receive that someone made better than department store gifts. Handmade gifts contain something extra. They were made with love.

  3. Wow, a fully lined apron. You do very nice work!
    It's wonderful news about your niece Mary and the baby. Happy Birthday too!

  4. That's a lovely apron Danice!!



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