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Late last year, I decided to open a free blog just to see if that platform really is better than Blogger. I actually opened two blogs. Let me say, it has nearly driven me crazy!!! This is not their fault, but I am just saying that if you are used to Blogger and are not super tech-savvy you will likely have headaches like I did. I have only begun to learn more about templates, html, and css, etc... in the last few years. I am certainly no expert. Disadvantages and advantages are present. Let's look at some of them:

There are two Wordpress accounts available. I have compared their free to, to be fair. ( is their paid service). Even though I have been known to whine about GFC, Blogger is still by far the more user-friendly, especially for those who are new to tech stuff like blogging. Below is my comparison. I'd love to hear your opinions.

Blogger is easier to post on and add a favicon. Blogger and Wordpress may soon lose the Followers gadget we are accustomed to: the little thumbnail images of our followers. Good news is that Linky Followers has a special code for Wordpress and other platforms that do not allow javascript. Blogger and Wordpress both update a bit slow. Wordpress' free account won't allow editing the template CSS or Html like we can do in Blogger, so adding those templates with a Html gadget in Design is not possible. Blogger and Wordpress both have issues with displaying properly in different browsers, namely IE and Firefox, two of the most popular browsers. But, since Blogger and are free blog platforms, I guess I should stop whining about that (ha).

Most of us like a prim or country, shabby or romantic look to our templates. seems to be designed with a techy business look instead. It's really a matter of what look you want and how much you are willing to learn. Wordpress is very search engine optimized (SEO), and they do provide and image library even on their free accounts. While Blogger provides no image library, they do not limit our use of images that we host somewhere else or add with a Picture gadget. Wordpress has many free templates to choose from, as does Blogger. Wordpress .com does not allow any ads or selling, ie "selling blogs" not allowed. Of course, we are all entitled to our own opinions... Happy blogging which ever platform(s) you choose to blog on ☺
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  1. Hmmm... very interesting! I have never thought of opening a wordpress because I have been with blogger since 2006 but I have always wondered. So thank you very much for this review. Also, I feel better when I tell people to go to and start a blog.

    Have a terrific weekend~

  2. I prefer Blogger to Wordpress.. Blogger is more fun! hehe


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