Craft boxes ideas?

These 6 craft boxes have been around for over a year, and are still not decorated. There are two small ones, two medium, and two large boxes. Any ideas of scenes that could be painted on them? Simple designs would be best, since arthritis often limits me. How about a sheep, saltbox house, and maybe a prim star? What are some of your ideas? It will likely take me a while to complete these, but as soon as they are done photos will be posted.


  1. Hi Danice,
    I think those would look really good w/what all you mentioned. I can almost picture it now.
    Can't wait to see them when you're done.


  2. Hi Danice:

    Can't wait to see what you do with the mache boxes. How about an old schoolhouse on one. I LOVE old schoolhouses.

    hugs and smiles to you!

  3. Hi, Danice:
    I've seen some vintage photos and labels decoupaged on to the boxes after they're painted and sanded.
    Some cover with fabric. Some mount the lids with stitchery of some type. Painting and labels would maybe be the easiest for you??

  4. Cover them in some fabric and grunge them up. they will be so cute. Can't wait to see what you do with them. -Steph-

  5. Well dear friend I have you beat...I have 42 boxes upstairs in my craft closet...all bare and ready to work ideas here! lol
    I do think I will cover mine in fabric and then grunge them...I'm not a painter so that's out.

  6. I love all the ideas that were mentioned! I have painted and stenciled on them in the past but I'm going to buy some more when they are 50% off again and do the grunged fabric look that was mentioned.

    Have a wonderful week~


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