The quality of Handmades

I have been thinking a lot lately about the quality of handmade items. Often, in our world of fast-paced internet and mass machinery production, it seems that people lose sight of these treasures. Have you ever mentioned that you make hand made items, sew, craft, etc... only to earn a raised brow or scoff from some people? These are usually the same people who expect you to hand make an item for a cheap price as well. Somehow, hand crafting has become associated with "lower financial and social classes." My question is: why? A hand made item requires much time as well as skill. Many of these items are also one-of-a-kind. It puzzles me how a person will special-order an auto or clothing from a mass-producer [usually a well-known company or label] and not argue the price. yet, that same person wants you to hand craft but for a cheap price. Is this not an oxymoron of sorts? It is certainly ridiculous, isn't it? Kudos to all hand crafters, who do deserve respect as well as a fair payment for your goods.
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  1. Dear Danice:
    What a powerful message. You wrote a remarkable post. I get the same reaction when I say I don't use credit cards. Since when did cash become a dirty 4 letter word? I have always come across people that think handmade is "poor".
    That is why we have this remarkable group of thousands of like-minded people that know the true value of what we do.

  2. I know Danice, it's so very sad. It's been like that for as long as I've been crafting, the past 25 years. Still to this day, people will give me that weird look when they learn that I am a primitive crafter. It's almost an "I'm so sorry" look. But when I start explaining how exciting it is, they seem confused. Only a fellow crafter understands. That's why I love my prim blog friends so much! =]


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