25 February, 2012

This gal stays busy ♥

Hello again. Yes, I am always doing something, ha ha :) Since I mentioned in an earlier post that I did open a blog on Wordpress, I will give that url here. I will never leave Blogger, and my Blogger blogs will continue to be my top priority. Since those blogs are open y'all are welcome to check them out. The Following is by email. I haven't been able to get the Linky Followers to work on them yet, but will try again later. 'Must have copied the code wrong. I'll make sure this blog isn't just repeats of my Blogger blogs. Y'all can find it here:
Danice's Eclectic Blog


  1. I tried having multiple blogs but couldn't keep up. I must be getting old!

  2. Hi Danice:
    I'll be looking at both new blogs later tonight.

  3. Always thought about Wordpress hope it works out for you. -Steph-


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