⚘I love Spring!⚘

Wow, the great weather: I love Spring! Definitely my favorite season of all. Even the rain is calming. Are you all having beautiful weather? Here is another Html Tip for you all.
The topic is web images. People often wonder about screen size and the way their blog or site displays in various browsers and on various screen sizes. The truth is, we really have no control over most of this. The issue is not so much the sizes of the images as the view settings. Most people have their computers set to 100% resolution, but some people choose other sizes. This affects the way they see your blog or site. Computers with smaller screens, like laptops, will also display differently than a large 21" diagonal desk top screen. For example, notice on your cell phone or ipad that websites and blogs are cropped due to the small screen size. In Blogger under Template, notice that little Mobile image at the top center of the page next to Live On Blog; see the cropping?

There are some things we can do, though, to help our blogs and sites load faster and look nice in most browsers and screen sizes. Forget worrying about trying to make it look good in all browsers and screen sizes; "ain't" gonna happen. If your blog or site takes forever to load, try optimizing your graphics and post images. It is super easy to do with the click of a button. Note that some places will not allow full-sized images unless you have a paid account, so if you use the free account know that a blog background, being large, will likely require a paid account. Photo Bucket is like that. Some free places that do allow full-size large images have a lot of pop-up ads, which can cause your browser to warn of an unsafe site.

For Blogger, just create a post with your images, and save it as a DRAFT; do not publish it. You can add to that Draft and keep saving it as a Draft. This will provide html codes for your images. A great free place that does optimizing is Image Optimizer. Especially if your site or blog has a lot of images, this will help greatly. As far as image/graphics sizes, in the content area try to keep them 400px wide or less. For the blog or site layout, 1600px wide usually displays well even on an 18" screen laptop. Having your background image at or below 300KB is also recommended.

I remember years ago when most sites were those narrow layouts that were centered in the middle of the screen. Personally, I do not like that size. It looks lost, ha. On the other hand, a really wide or stretch layout may require horizontal scrolling by some viewers. At the best, layout graphics will be cropped [even if just a little bit] in some screen sizes and browsers. Again, we have little control over that. So, long story short: don't fret too much about this, OK? Try the two places linked above for optimizing and storing images. Happy Saturday to all! I have noticed all the great items for giveaways: praise to all of you talented artisans.
Spring image: ~Simply Blog It~


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  2. The deleted comment was by me. I was testing to see if Word Verification is still turned off. It had mysteriously been turned back on, so I had to turn it back off :)

  3. Thanks so much for the great info and for posting my giveaway on your blog, Danice! You are such a good friend! Hugs! ♥

  4. Happy spring to you too! Don't get around to blogging like I used to, but appreciate whenever you reply to my posts! Hope you have a good and Godly weekend! Keep looking to the Lord! Blessings, Laura R.


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