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Good morning friends. I was just thinking that the following info may be of help to some of you. Have you ever wondered why your new template or favicon doesn't appear after you make the changes and log out of Blogger, or some other program? The answer may be this simple one: Browsers update at different speeds. IE is usually not very fast, while Firefox usually is.

You may need to refresh your webpage to get the most recent version on your screen; this is easy to do. Refresh your browser (top row on keyboard: f5 key). You may also need to delete browsing history. The computer's memory may be so full of places on the web you've visited that you may not be seeing the most current updates. This is easy to do also: It's under Tools in IE at top left of screen, and in Firefox at top left of screen under Firefox: History, Current History. Be sure to NOT delete your saved passwords and logins. Be SURE the boxes for those are NOT checked. About favicons, well, some browsers just will not display them. IE sometimes will not. I was so happy when Blogger added the Favicon upload gadget to our Layout in Design. A favicon makes it easy to identify a site or blog by the cute little image. Is everyone having a nice weekend?
Image: ~Primlicious Graphics~


  1. Thanks Danice. Still keeping a low profile around here. I've got to get going soon though. There are things I want to do! Pain comes and goes, it's hard to plan anything.

  2. It's good of you to help others this way.
    My Mac has its own difficulties, and most ppl use PCs with IE. IE has its problems,a s you've outlined quite well. I'm sure they appreciate your help.
    I am having a pleasant weekend.
    Come see our paper doll + outfits!


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