Question for you all...

A question for you all... What is a tuck? I know what ornies are, and bowl fillers. But, what exactly is a tuck? Happy Tuesday to you all. Thanks to all who will help me with this ☺


  1. I guess a tuck is the same thing as a bowl filler...a little thing you can tuck in your bowl or arrangement. I'll come back later and see if anyone else knows for sure! Hugs!

  2. Here is an example of a tuck: A mouse tuck to be exact.... I make the top half of the mouse and it is tucked into a bag along with sweet annie or other drieds. The bottom half of the mouse is not needed as it is not seen. A small item that can be tucked into a cubby, cupboard, arrangement, bag, etc.

  3. I was curious as to what a tuck is. Now I know.


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