18 June, 2013

Got a green cast

Good afternoon friends. Yes, 'got myself a green cast. it is so good to have that temp splint gone. nowadays, medical casts are often made of fiberglass rather than plaster. since that is available in many colors, of course i chose my favorite- green. the break is all the way through the ulna (the larger bone) and the radius (smaller bone). today is the first day since the accident that things are getting better. kudos to north alabama bone & joint clinic for fixin' me up. thank you blogging friends for all for the love and encouragement. you all make life's difficult times so much easier to bear. what color cast would you have chosen?

~Sending-out a happy birthday to my grandson Kevin~


  1. Glad you are healing. I like the green. :)

  2. Goodness Danice...such a break.
    I'll pray for fast healing and less pain.

  3. Sorry to hear of the break--OUCH!! I love green but wondering if I would have asked for black? My goth side coming through!
    Enjoy your day and new colorful cast!

  4. Ok Danice - that is quite enough accidents for this year! Take care!

  5. Take good care of yourself my friend! I like the green...I would probably choose blue and then wish I could change it! Try to get some extra rest! Sweet hugs!

  6. Good Grief! So sorry this happened to you! {{{{{Healing Vibes}}}}} being sent your way....and I'd have chosen the green, too!


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