Have we made a mistake?

Well, friends we may have made a mistake about Google Friend Connect (GFC). I double-checked the page that many of us refer to as "the word" on GFC, and it does not list GFC in the closings. Google Reader, a news feed or RSS project, however, is on that closings list. What does this mean to us? That our Blogger Reading Lists will be closed? The Blogger Reading List, or Blogs I Follow, appear below the Dashboard page with all of the blogs that you author (exa: Danice's Blogs). Even blogs that do not have a GFC button and/or are not on the Blogger platform can be added to the list.

This should not affect our GFC Followers list gadget(?) Here is the link to my question, that page link, and a quick reply from Hermione at Google Product Forums: Is GFC Closing?

*-----UDATE: 22 JUNE-----*

Jessica is correct: Google Reader and Blogger Reading List are not the same thing. 'Have just now found another answer in Google Product Forums, stating that GFC and Google reader are two separate items and that GFC is not closing that only Google Reader is closing. Here is the link to that page: Are GFC and Google Reader Connected?
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  1. So what does this mean, I don`t understand, help!!! Francine.

  2. From what I can understand, this means that only our Google Readers lists will close. 'Shouldn't affect our GFC Followers gadget (?)

  3. thank you for clarifing this. I had understood the same thing and then everyone started switching. Also, thank you for stopping by my other places! Don't quite know ww
    hat happened, but, my FB page, went crazy the last couple of days. Guess I had better get it updated. My garden and yard has consumed my time lately as well as my grooming business. The hot weather comes and everyone wants their dogs done yesterday! Makes for a crazy work schedule.
    I'm sorry to hear about your arm. Love the cast color! And atleast, it did not involve teeth! Your chicken peckin typing skills impress me tho!

  4. Google Reader and your Dashboard list are not the same thing. I used Google Reader because I hated the reading list in the dashboard. (And yes I am very unhappy about GR closing! Wish they'd quit removing stuff I actually use.) Is there a link to somewhere that says our followed blogs in the dashboard will be removed as well as Google Reader?

    Google Reader auto imported our Followed Blogs on Blogger (or GFC). But they are not the same.

    When you sign up with GFC that blog goes into your Followed blog list in your dashboard. If GFC is not closing for Blogger then it makes no sense to remove the followed blogs from the Dashboard area because that is how you follow blogs with GFC.

  5. All I saw is what the link leads to. According to Google Product Forums, Google Reader and dashboard List are the same thing. The reply simply states that GFC is not going away but that Google Reader is.

    It would make sense to remove followed blogs from the dashboard if the app is not doing well. Google Reader is RSS feed,and following via GFC is not; it is simply a following gadget.
    It is all confusing. Maybe 1st July will have some answers.

  6. Still researching this GFC issue. Asked another question in the Google Product Forums. While Wikipedia is certainly not a scholarly source per say, they define GFC in the past tense, using words like was. So, now I am even more confused. Here is that Wikipedia page link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Friend_Connect

  7. 'Just found another answer in Google Product Forums, saying that GFC is not going away. It explains that Google reader and GFC are 2 seperate things. Here is that page link: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/reader/4htV15y7sqs

  8. Hey Danice, thanks for following on bloglovin... the way G's been going lately, it's bound to go away sooner or later anyways, so all the better for us. I like Linky as well. I had started following folks both ways, a long time ago, so no biggy for me. Hope your arm is better? I've been a bad bloggy buddy lately... busy with the remodel, and you know how those go... somedays I just look at the walls and say 'what am I doing?' LOL


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