~Esther's new frock~

Good morning friends. 'Remember Amish Esther from a while back? My idea was to dress her in Amish-style clothing, but later decided that she actually looked more like an early American pilgrim. So, Esther now has a new more Amish-looking frock. I just "winged it" on the pattern. Green is my favorite color, so that's also a plus. The doll was made by: Cyndy at Crafty Stitchers- Etsy. To see what Esther's original frock looked like, follow the link below my signature. Prim blessings.
Here is Esther wearing her original frock. I made this one also. Which frock do you prefer?


  1. The only thing I see missing is some straight pins in her dress. LOL


  2. Oh, the back of her apron is held closed with straight pins. 'Should have posted a photo of the back view :)

  3. So incredibly cute!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  4. Danice! I sent you an email last night....you won the Sewing Needle Case giveaway! All your entries paid off. :)


    Send me your address so I can mail it to you!



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