~Thrifty Thursday: pearle cotton & basket~

It's Thrifty Thursday again. I do love this event so much. Above are two little items that were purchased for just .25¢ each. The little woven basket had a red Christmas bow and plastic ivy, which was removed and will be replaced with homespun and other prim items. There was actually had one more spool of Coats & Clark's mercerized pearle cotton thread. (Remember I got one before, on another visit?) It is a bit aged, but that will only add to it's prim charm. Notice it's original label price of .10¢, which reveals that it is quite old. So, a grand total of .50¢ was spent for these two items. 'Wishing there had been more spools of the pearl cotton available. Don't you just love these kinds of "little treasure" finds? As they say, one person's junk is another one's treasure.

Today is also my daughter's and her husband's 8th Wedding Anniversary. Sending-out very happy wishes and love to them. Prim blessings to you all, friends.


  1. Happy Thursday Danice! Good finds...isn't it funny that the spool was originally 10, and you got it for 25 and it is on Thrifty Thursday? I just got a little kick out of that! Anyway have a great day!
    Be blessed,

  2. It always feels great when you find buys like that. Happy Anniversary to your daughter and husband!

  3. Wouldn't we have fun thrift store shopping together! I love finding thread...it's so expensive in the stores! And what a sweet basket! Great finds my friend!

  4. Thank you all. Cindi, it is funny, the .10 ¢ price, lol! 'Did not realize that until you pointed it out. Thanks for the good laugh for today :)

  5. I love finding old thread like this with the old price, so fun! I'd say that's a good deal for 50 cents for both.

    Happy belated Anniversary to your daughter and son in law~


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