~Thrifty Thursday: watering can & fabric~

Look at the goodes I found this time! The tin watering can was just .50¢, and had some old ugly styrofoam in it that had to go. It's bit of rusting only adds to its prim charm, doesn't it? The 3 little woven baskets were only .10¢ each. Too cute to resist. The little earthenware brown jug was also just .50¢. It has a farm couple painted on one side. The dark hunter green corduroy fabric is my favorite find. At only .75¢ this was fabulous. I was afraid that when it was opened that it may have a big piece cut out from it or be in pieces, or something like that. To my surprise, it was one continuous piece of just over 1 yard. Green is my favorite color. So, the grand total this time was $2.05 for all of these great items. Which is your favorite?


  1. I agree! They are fabulous but my fav is the watering can.
    Have fun repurposing them!

  2. Hi Danice,
    Well you did get some wonderful finds...the fabric alone would have been a good deal.

  3. I love those little woven baskets...looks like what I put ocean findings in! I love your treasures and the price can't be beat! Have fun!


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