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Happy Autumn friends. 'Hoping your day is going well. A while ago, I noticed that some people have opened blogs with the former urls of some of my past blogs. Once a blog is closed, the url becomes available after 3 months. Just to let you all know, those blogs now having my former urls are not my blogs. Many of them are just blogs with no posts. Some are blogs that are nothing like my former blog content. So, you may want to remove those past blogs from your Blog List. My past now closed blogs are: Danice's Blog Templates, Abigail's Frocks, Esther's Mercantile Blog, Cedar Street Craft Mall, Quaint Cottage Bookstore, and Way Cute Pets! Blog. Another of my blogs, Danice's Eclectic Blog, is still open but I moved it to Wordpress last year.

From time to time, it is good to check the blogs on your Blog List to see if the blogs are still open, and to check that they are in fact the blogs that you think they are. From time to time it is also good to change your passwords for your Blogger account and for your email accounts. If you have a web site or web store, this is also a good idea. Passwords should not contain your birth date, Social Security number, name, or any other information that could be easily guessed. Combine capital letters with lower case letters and also numbers. It is not good to have the same password for more than one account online anywhere. If your Blogger account, email, and/or any other online account gets hacked, change those passwords immediately. In today's world of cyber crime, we need to do all that we can to prevent being hacked. Using those mailto: links is very risky, as they allow direct access to [thus confirming] your email account. Spelling-out "at dot com" is not a link, but since even hackers can read, this is also a bad practice. There are many free contact form sites that are safe and secure. These forms are much safer than links to your email account. So, change your passwords from time to time and consider eliminating those mailto: links.

On another note, I am seeing some truly beautiful Autumn decorations/ crafts on your blogs. What talented folks we have in our little prim corner of blog land! This blog's 3rd Blogoversary is coming in about 2 weeks, so stay tuned for a giveaway then. I just could not keep that secret any longer, lol! Prim blessings.
Image: Twin Creek Primitives


  1. Thanks Danice again for reminding all of us about those important things we need to know in the internet/blogger world.


  2. You're so right Danice. I should change a lot of what I have right now! Can you email me the link to one of those contact forms?

  3. Hi JoAnn. I just emailed you the link to a free, safe, and good contact form site. Since I did not include that link in the post, here it is: http://www.emailmeform.com/


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