~Link to free Contact Form~

Good evening friends. 'Another post to include the link to a free and safe contact form site. Those mailto: links are so dangerous. Here is the link to a free and safe site to build your contact forms: Email Me Form.com. I do not receive any compensation for that link, just hope it will help you all. Once you have your form built the way you want it (it is a good idea to include the CAPTCHA fill-in the letters security to your forms), go to Manage My Forms and click "code" under the form's title. When the new page appears, from the left column choose "Html", and copy & paste the code from the very first on the list. Then, in Blogger, add an Image gadget and in the space where it says "url that clicking this image will lead to (optional)", paste the html code to your form. When folks click your Image they will be automatically redirected to your contact form. My image is the old phone near the top of the left sidebar. From the Manage My Forms, you can also fill-in which email of yours where the contact forms will notify you. This is where you will read the messages from folks who have contacted you. They will not get your reply email address unless you reply to them, so be selective.

Autumn is officially here in Alabama, with the cooler weather. It is my favorite time of the year. Be sure to stay tuned, as this blog's 3rd Blogoversary is in less than a week. In appreciation of all of you wonderful blogging friends, a giveaway is coming along in the celebration! 'Can hardly wait! Prim blessings friends.
Image: Twin Creek Primitives