*Christmas 2013*

Good afternoon, friends. 'Hoping your Christmas was wonderful. This year, we met at my twin sister's house because she is still in the wheelchair from the ankle surgery, and this house has no ramp. It was fun, and we really enjoyed ourselves. No photos were made, though. Some people preferred to not have their photo taken in a wheelchair, on crutches, etc... Of course, gotta always respect and honor people's right to privacy offline and online. My daughter and her family have had the flu and did not get to attend. My twin sister's daughter and her family were also unable to attend. They were all really missed.

Those of you who read this blog often are aware that our family has had many illnesses and accidents in 2013. In fact, it seems that someone is always sick or hurt. Another family member (who does not want to be identified online) has fallen and is in the hospital as this is being posted. Yet another has had foot surgery last week and is in recovery. I always try to keep this blog on an upbeat scale, however, am requesting prayers for our family at this time. Many of you already pray for us, and it is very much appreciated. I also pray for all of you and your families.

Wow, this makes a post nearly every day for a week. Blogging is so much fun, and many great friends have been and are being made. By the way, Face Book has finally lifted the ban on me (I had been banned for "Liking" too many things). That is good news.

Someone commented on my most recent giveaway win, that it seems like I am always winning something, lol. 'Cannot deny that. If shipping rates weren't so expensive, there would be more giveaways on this blog and they would be open to everyone, not only to contiguous US residents. All of my followers are loved and appreciated, regardless of where they reside. There is a giveaway for March 2014 being planned, so stay tuned for that. It will be Spring themed. We still have our Christmas decorations displayed. When do you usually take them down till the next Christmas?
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  1. Danice ,so sorry to hear of the family troubles! I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.I have already taken my Christmas down as I knew that there were things coming up that could be a problem time wise.It seems like this has been a hard year on so many.Praying that 2014 brings better things for all of us.Blessings,Jen

  2. Prayers to you and your family. Seems 2013 was hard for alot of us. Looking forward to your giveaway.

    I too enjoy blogland. Online friends are a blessing for me as well.

  3. Sending up prayers. Sounds like you still had a nice time with your sister and family.I'm sure you missed your grand daughter the most.Warm Blessings!~Amy


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