~Crafting tip: Non-glare glass~

Good morning, friends. Today is another crafting tip for you all. Do you use non-glare glass for your photo frames? The way to tell if a piece of glass is non-glare is to look at it out of the frame. Be very careful of the often sharp edges. If the glass looks kinda "cloudy", and you cannot see a reflection of yourself and/or surrounding objects in the glass, then it has been treated with a non-glare finish. This type of glass does cost more than standard glass, especially if it is cut to a custom size. So how in the world could we get some that is not so high priced? Look at the local thrift/second-hand stores. Yesterday, I searched through a stack of frames and guess what: some contained non-glare glass. They were all standard sizes, but were priced at just .50¢ each. If the frame is wood, then you will also have a great frame to finish for this project or another project. 'Hoping this tip will help you all. Prim blessings.
Image: Twin Creek Primitives


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