~Thrifty Thursday: paper mache eggs in nest~

Here are four paper mache eggs that I painted and speckled. They sit in a little nest that was found at a local antiques store for only $2.00 (perfect for Thrifty Thursday). The only place that I could find these eggs without having to order them was Hobby Lobby. Well, that's just a wonderful excuse to go in that store, lol! The eggs are painted some of my favorite colors, and the speckles kinda make them look more natural. Since Easter is in April this year, these eggs are in time for that holiday. 'Reminds me of years ago when we children painted eggs every Easter. Thank goodness that practice of dyeing live chicks has ended. At the time, 'guess folks just didn't think of the possible harm to the animals. Do you remember those dyed chicks? What are your thoughts/memories of Easter eggs?


  1. Hi Danice! I am new to your blog and am your newest follower. The pastel colored eggs are so Springy looking. Great job!


  2. Love the eggs Danice! I've never been to a Hobby Lobby.........not once close to me so I have to order online.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. The eggs and nest are so cute! I do not remember dyed chicks...the poor things. I remember mom putting newspaper all over the kitchen table and all of us dying the eggs for our Easter basket..so much fun!
    Be blessed,


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