Sharing some funny moments

Good afternoon friends. 'Thought that sharing some funny moments with you all would help spread some smiles. My major in college was Theatre/Costume design. Although some people have thought that I am an actor, well, no. My focus was on sewing. It does seem that some funny things have happened to me though. So, the following moments actually happened:

☺ Many years ago, I cut out some fabric for a dress for my daughter. 'Sounds OK, right? Well, the fabric was on the bed. Yes, I cut right through the bedspread!

☺ Once in college, while cutting out a pattern, I accidentally cut about 6" from my really long hair! Note to self.. wear a ponytail!

☺ Just yesterday, this happened: I always have a cup of water handy when painting to clean the brushes. 'Forgot to empty that cup, and grabbed it thinking that it was my soda... OK, that was not soda!

☺ Once I was painting a metal desk as a re-do. That space where the chair goes in the center, well, I laid on my back on the garage floor with the spray paint. How is that funny, you may ask: the spray can nozzle was turned towards my face instead of towards the desk. 'Good thing I was wearing my glasses! Well, not really so good, as the lenses were then painted black! This made it really difficult to see very well to get out from under the desk. 'Wish those had have been some cheap goggles instead of prescription glasses...

'Hope some of these memories made you laugh or smile. It is rainy here, and laughter is usually a good remedy for the blues. Do you ever laugh at some of the funny moments that have happened to you? Prim Spring blessings.


  1. LOL these are funny...except for drinking the paint water thinking it was your soda....ewwwww!
    Be blessed,

  2. Oh, I didn't swallow the paint water. 'Spit it out as soon as I realized what it was :)

  3. Haha - I'm surprised you wanted to share such embarrassing moments with us all...although I know we have all done similar things! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh my gosh Danice, lol, too funny! Sounds like things that would happen to me. Especially the one about cutting through the bedspread!

  5. Hi Danice, I am surprised that you are still painting, no really we have all had stories like that, thanks for sharing. You left a comment on my blog and it had no reply email. I bought my bunting flag on my trip in Pa. hugs, Lecia


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