17 August, 2014

Sunbonnet Sue: first row details!

Finally, the first row of the Sunbonnet Sue quilt for my granddaughter is done! Whew! Actually, the first two rows are finished. That will be in an upcoming post. This photo shows how the corner Sue "walks" around the quilt. That square is placed "on point" to achieve this. Do you recognize the fabrics for the Sues' dresses and bonnets? They are remnants from every outfit that I sewed for her from 2001 through 2013. 'Thought that would make the quilt special for my granddaughter as well as for her mother (my daughter). Now, only five more rows to sew. Some people call this pattern Dutch dolls or Amish dolls. To see other postings about this quilt, check out the category/label quilts. To see another photo of this row, follow the link below my signature.
Her is a side view of the quilt. The room is kinda small, so the entire row could not be captured. I debated a long time about the colors for the lattices and cornerstones. What do you think of the colors chosen: pale blue, pale pink, green, and lavender? Prim Summer blessings to all.


  1. the colors work very well together & it's comming along nicely!


  2. I think you're doing a wonderful job on it Danice!! how sweet that you used all the clothes you made for her over the yrs! I'm sure she'll love it!



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