Sunbonnet Sue= success!

Hello friends. 'Hoping that you all had a wonderful Christmas. Pictured above are my lovely daughter Amanda and granddaughter Macey, with the Sunbonnet Sue ensemble that I quilted for Macey. Yes, they both love it. My daughter had not seen the quilt on this blog, and was totally surprised. By the way, 'recognize that red peppermint dress on my granddaughter? 'One that I made last year for Macey (McCall's M6781). My son-in-law could not attend the festivities, as he had to work. We all had a great time, but he was really missed. Alabama got somewhat unusual Christmas thunderstorms, complete with lightning, instead of snow. To see more photos of the Sunbonnet Sue ensemble, choose the Category "Sunbonnet Sue" on this blog's left sidebar.

Someone commented on a recent post as to how to get the white background on my photos. Well, after many hours of attempts at good photos, lol. The photos are shot outdoors before the sun is at it's peak. The camera flash is disabled, and the scene selected is "outdoors." Actually, the items are sitting atop of an old table in my backyard against the house. The "white" is only a simple sheet of white poster board (dull side showing). Being careful to not crease the poster board creates the illusion that the items are "floating" on a white background. The free: Picasa photo editing software allows choices such as sharpness, auto color, and even special effects for photos. Most of my photos have been Picasa-edited with the "I Feel Lucky" option, which auto corrects color, contrast and lighting all in one fix. "Color Boost" option is usually used as well. Awesome! Remember to always make a copy of the original photo beforehand in case the changes are not what you wanted once made. For the good indoors photos, using the "People- no flash" setting along with red-eye correcting works great. For Christmas, Santa bought me a new Nikon© camera. Even with the simple GE© $40.00 point-and-shoot camera, similar results can be achieved. Prim winter blessings,


  1. What beautiful girls you have there, Danice! All your hard work paid off, the S.B. Sue turned out gorgeous!
    Thanks for your Chr. card you sent! Haven't been on in awhile and scrolled down to see all of your wonderful gifts you received. How fun!


  2. Your family is lovely. I'm sure the sunbonnet sue will become a heirloom. Warm Blessings! Amy

  3. Your daughter and granddaughter are both so beautiful....they look like you! And what a wonderful gift to give my friend. She will cherish that for the rest of her life! Happy holidays!!!

  4. I agree, your daughter and granddaughter are very pretty. Glad you had a nice Christmas Danice!

  5. You have a beautiful daughter and granddaughter, Danice!
    Love the quilt! Happy New Year!


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