Learning to machine stipple

Hey dear friends. Yes, I have finally decided to be brave and start learning to machine stipple my quilts. Until now, 'just did stitch-in-the-ditch. What a new experience this all is! Above is a sample block of my first attempt(s). Got a long way to go, lol. As they say, this is a skill that requires patience and experience. It is quite fun, though. Plus it will lend a more creative and decorative touch to my quilts. Currently, I am participating in the Stars in a Time Warp QAL over at: Civil War Quilts Blog. You can see photos of the quilt blocks on their Flickr group at this link: Stars in A Time Warp. Have you ever joined in a QAL?


  1. That's pretty neat. Do you have a program on your machine that does that?

  2. It looks really good my friend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Diane

  3. Thank you both. No, no program. My Singer is the Heavy Duty Classic 44S model. It is not computerized. I do stippling with a darning/embroidery foot. This foot usually does not come with a machine. It has to be purchased separately, and costs around $20.00 'Got mine on a 70% off sale. The machine's feed dogs are lowered, enabling the fabric to "free range" under the needle. So, you have to guide the fabric yourself. A real learning curve, lol :)

  4. What fun! Take your time and practice and you'll be quilting more in no time!
    I saw all the lovely stars on Flickr but don't want to have one more account somewhere. :)

  5. PS, Why don't you show your Stars in a Time Warp stars on your blog?

  6. Thank you. Well, I thought that posting my blocks on Flickr would make it easier for people to also see other people's blocks. Maybe I will make a page on this blog for mine though. Good idea :)


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