Night Crossing jewel tone bed runner

Good morning friends. 'Hope you all are having a wonderful holidays time. Pictured above is what I made for my twin sister and her husband this year. It is a bed runner. Have you ever heard of these? Actually, they have been around for many years. They are placed across the foot of the bed, and are also quite decorative as well as warm. Back in the day before central heating, they must have been super helpful. This one is for a full-size bed, and measures 77"X25 3/4". The fabric charms are from the Galaxy collection by Jinny Beyer for RJR Fabrics. My sister loves the blue and purple jewel tones, so this palette is perfect for her. The pattern is called Night Crossing, and is from: Bed Runners Using Precut Fabrics. (Not an affiliate link, just letting you know where to find the pattern). The quilting is machine meandering style, and the backing and binding are a solid slate blue 100% cotton fabric. Yes, sister and her husband do love this bed runner. Prim quilting blessings.


  1. I am sure they do love it, it is beautiful!
    Be blessed,

  2. Just beautiful. They are great for people
    with cold feet, that would be me. 8-)


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