27 March, 2016

Happy Easter and a bunny

Happy Easter wishes to you all. 'Seemed to slip up on me this year. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, with the warmer milder temperatures. Pictured above is adorable Basil the Bunny made from a pattern by Wendy at: Ravenwood Whimzies. She had used this as a Doll Challenge back in 2011, and I just found it recently. 'Talk about delayed reaction, lol. Although it is far too late to enter the Challenge, this Basil was still such a joy to make. Thanks to Wendy! The adorable Easter egg tuck in Basil's arm is from Spring Tidings Swap 2014 with Sheila of: Seasons of Thy Heart. Happy Easter blessings to you all.

~celebrating National Craft Month~


  1. He is a sweetheart, he would look good on a shelf my husband is making for over my bed.

  2. Oh! I remember that bunny challenge. It was fun.Your Basil turned out very handsome indeed!!

  3. Hi Danice,
    Hope you had a fantastic Easter day. Love your granddaughters dress!
    Loving snow here for spring!


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