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Autumn Jubilee QAL: wool penny rug

Pictured above is the darling wool penny rug from the Autumn Jubilee celebration going on over at: From My Carolina Home. My rug was made of scrap wool pieces, as no stores here locally carry any wool felt. 'Did not have any mustard-colored wool, so a quick research suggested what colors to mix to achieve the color. Using some dyes that I already have, a mustard color was possible. The back is an olive-colored wool. Many thanks to Carole for this fun jubilee. Hey, the little thrift store candle & base looks awesome with this penny rug, doesn't it?


  1. Danice, this is beautiful! Your wool colors are perfect. Excellent blanket stitch around the edge. I love that you sewed the buttons on with the same green thread. Nice photography also!

  2. It's so pretty, love the fall colors. :)

  3. Hey Danice! I love it. This is one craft that has been on my "must try" list. I have to confess that I detest the feel of wool, but I have wondered if craft felt could be used?

  4. Thank you all. JoAnn, craft felt is made of synthetic fibers. This would make it not a good choice for quality crafting. Heat such as from an iron, and that stuff will melt and stick all over everywhere. Synthetic fibers also tend to have a "plastic-ky" shine as well. Many sellers on Etsy sell quality 100% wool for crafting.


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