Heirloom restoration project: part 2

Here it is again: the restored doll crib project. The two doll beds are now one. At this point, it has been sanded and painted with two coats of satin white. A matte clear coat has also been added. All four finials are atop the four posters, and the side spindles are completed (which was by far the most difficult part!). The new mattress platform was temporarily removed to avoid paint splatter. Whoo, this project is time-consuming but so far so good, lol. Hoping the remaining work goes as smoothly. Stay tuned to see more on this project.


  1. I think your time invested will pay off. Hang in there...

  2. Awesome job!! You did an wonderful job!! hugs,

  3. This is coming along nicely. It looks like a lot of work.

  4. Thank you all. Sometimes things are a bit more complicated than originally thought, lol. Granddaughter is worth all of it :)

  5. Your Granddaughter is very adorable and so lucky to have you as her Grandma. Her dress with the hot pink ties is so sweet and perfect for twirling and dancing. What a labor of love this doll bed is. I think you are doing an awesome job. Thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment. Summer Sunshine Smiles...<3

    1. Thank you Sherry. Granddaughter does love twirling, lol. It is always a pleasure to sew and create for her.


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