~Pattern Difficulty Ratings~

The Pattern Difficulty Ratings, located at the end of my posts featuring sewn clothing, are rated by the following standards. These ratings are not about the patterns' quality. They are simply helpful information from a stitching perspective.

This pattern is really easy to construct, and therefore is rated one star for Beginner. Sometimes button holes or a zipper will be required. If you have some basic sewing knowledge, the pattern should be easy for you to construct.

This pattern is "fairly simple", meaning that the techniques required for construction are a bit above Beginner level yet not really complicated for stitchers who have some sewing experience. Seam-taped edges, piping, appliqueing, or other trimmings may be required. Button holes or a zipper may be required.

This pattern requires some more advanced sewing knowledge and may include an invisible zipper, extensive appliqueing, full lining, or other techniques. Having some experience in sewing or someone who does to help you with construction will be very useful.

Keep in mind that even a "simple" pattern will be more complicated to construct if plaids, stripes, or one-way-design fabrics are used. These will need to be matched and/or pieces cut out in the same direction. The same is true of napped fabrics. Napped fabrics have a raised surface. Some examples include: velveteen, corduroy, and velour. If all pattern pieces are not cut out in the same direction (according to the pattern layout), the finished garment will have one side a lighter shade of color. Knit fabrics can be difficult to cut and sew with, and must stretch the required limit for the pattern. Using the correct machine needle is also a necessity for all sewing projects. Always read the complete pattern directions at least once before cutting pattern pieces or sewing, whether a beginner or advanced stitcher.

These Ratings are my own, based upon 30+ years of sewing experience. Many patterns include tips on cutting and sewing. Keep in mind that more advanced designer and couture patterns assume that advanced sewing techniques/directions and markings are understood and mastered by the stitcher. In all of your sewing projects, wishing happy sewing to you!