Winter wonderland in Alabama!

Winter wonderland Christmas in Alabama! This is unusual. It is so pretty, I just had to share this photo. This is a view from a city street. The trees glisten so icy and pretty! It is rare that we get any snow, so we really aren't accustomed to it. These are already some of my favorite photos. Isn't it dreamy? It almost looks like postcards, doesn't it? Happy holidays to you all!


  1. I just shovelled my driveway for the third time this week...heck if I knew you liked snow that much I could have boxed it up for you... lol... it has been coming down pretty hard here the last few hours and is supposed to go on to midnight. Y U C K...

  2. Ha ha!Here in Alabama we rarely get any snow, so I guess we "go wild" when it does happen. It wasn't but 3-4" but it was pretty :)


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