14 January, 2011

♥ It's our birthday ♥

Good morning friends. Did I tell y'all that I have a twin sister? This is a photo of us at 4 years old. Don't y'all think we looked kinda alike, except our hair color? We are fraternal twins, and are 47 today. Time really does seem to pass quickly doesn't it?


  1. Wishing both of you a very Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday to you both... I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday Friend!! I hope you and your sister have many, many more!!

  4. Happy birthday!
    Best wishes for many more!

  5. Well Happy Birthday to you both Danice!! Have a great weekend!


  6. Happy birthday Danice, to you and your twin sister!
    I have a sister named Debbie, who is 11 months younger than I am and Mom used to dress us exactly alike, as if we WERE twins.


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