10 March, 2021

Gifts for twin neighbors

These are 2 stuffed dogs that I made for my twin sister neighbors back in February, for their birthdays. The ladies are in their '70's, and are so friendly and kind. At first, it was not easy to tell them apart, as they are identical twins. Being a twin myself, we also have that in common. One of the twins is also married to a man who has a twin, so we are "twins central" over here, ha ha. These dogs are made from a free pattern at: Tilda's World.com, and are called Dapper Dachsunds. Each finished at approx. 18" long, and their underbellies are made of the same printed cotton fabric as their ears. Their bodies are made from cotton flannel in a dark brown color. 'Had a difficult time posing them for their photo shoot, but think this worked well. Now I want to make one for myself! Isn't it an adorable pattern?

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