~ Tips for safe blogging ~

Hello friends! Something sad that I just read is that another blogging friend has had a lot of her content stolen! When will this madness [crime] end? In the past, I have made posts with tips for we bloggers to protect our content and identities.

'Time for some more tips. Last May, I posted about "mailto:" links and contact forms. That post is here: Contacting Me ⚘. In addition to that, here are some more tips:
● 1. Our RSS feeds can be set to show only the text and not the post images. To set this, go to the Settings, then to "other". Where it says "Blog feed", choose "short".
● 2. Add a No-Right-Click code to your blog. If they then try to right-click your text or images, there will be no result. (While it will stop people from grabbing a button code, it won't stop them from left-clicking and saving to their own computer and then linking back to your blog. Look at my Grab Button in this blog's right sidebar. It is left-clickable). The No-Right-Click code goes in Layout in a html gadget, and then place the gadget where you want it, in a sidebar or near the lower area of Layout [not in the blog post]. Go here to get the code for your blog: No-Right-Click Code.
● 3. Link all of your images to their sources. If the source is your own work, then link it right back to your home page. This will also stop them from dragging to the browser. If they do try, they will then just be directed to the source instead of to the image. Left-click any of my post images to see this action.
● Since Picnik closed, there is a great free place to edit images that requires no registration or downloading any applications. Visit: Pic Monkey . It's really simple, with many photo options.

I really hope that you all find my tips helpful. Comment on this post with any questions. Blessings and safe blogging to all!
Image: © Neeley Spotts | Dreamstime.com


  1. Thanks Danice for all of your tips and help you've given.


  2. Well I can't get the NO RIGHT CLICK to work...when I added it to the end of my blog post and then went to my blog I could still right click.
    What am I doing wrong.

  3. Hi Karen. You don't add it to the blog post. You add it to a html gadget in Layout and then place the html gadget on a sidebar or at the lower area of the blog layout :)

  4. Wonderful Tips! I hadn't thought of the no right click button, thanks so much, great blog! Gonna follow now, thanks so much for your sweet comment on mine.

  5. Danice, it's nice to know someone is out there helping those of us {me} who don't know what's happening out there in blog land. I had heard of site scrappers - Question: How can you (I) tell if it is happening to your (my) site?


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