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Hello friends. Our topic today is web browsers. A browser is the application that retrieves and sends information via the world-wide web, www. Some of the most popular Windows browsers are: Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, and Google Chrome. So, why are they so important?

Browsers are the medium we use to get online. They need to be the most current versions. Why? Because out-of-date browsers are not updated any longer. Windows updates regularly, and our computers need to be set to allow important Windows updates. Some updates are optional, but the important ones need to be allowed for sure. Viruses look for out-of-date applications that they can sneak into. This is always a bad thing. Windows will prompt you when the latest browser versions are available, and they are free. Out-of-date applications of other programs such as flash players and reading programs need to be updated regularly as well. The current browser versions are: IE 11, Firefox 29, and Google Chrome 34. To see which browser version(s) you are currently running, visit this link and it will tell you quickly and for free: What These browsers can update at any time, so check the link often.

An older browser version also may not allow some of the more modern actions, simply because the actions were not invented at the time of that older version's creation. An out-of-date browser can limit your activities online, and even prevent you from being able to access the www. Technicians are constantly working to make our browsers compatible with the latest applications. In summation, we need current browser and program versions for two important reasons: 1. our internet safety, and 2. our internet activities. In addition the computer needs to be protected with a reputable security system.

While no system can guarantee 100% protection, there are many reputable computer security systems available. Have you seen that commercial for a computer security system that claims that McAfee©, Norton©, and AVG© do not actually protect a computer? The commercial actually lists those companies. Well, from years of experience with my computer not crashed, infected, or hijacked even one time while using McAfee©, that is simply not true in my opinion. Many people just use the free versions, but they really need to go ahead and purchase a paid-for plan that protects while on the web, email, and with real-time scanning. It also cleans the computer from old inactive files, and always warns the user before continuing to an unsafe site. All the user has to do is just go back and not proceed to that dangerous site. Most hijacking/infection comes from email and holes in out-of-date applications. As I have said before, those mailto: contact links are a major risk. Even listing your email address with "[at] dot com" or something similar is very risky, because who cannot figure that out? Consider using one of the free or paid-for contact forms as an alternative. 'Hope this info will help you all. Prim Spring blessings.
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  1. I'm not real savvy. Enjoy the computer and appreciate the info you help out with. Just got a pop up the other day I need to update and was putting off so thanks for the push. Warm Blessings! Amy

  2. Great info and thanks for sharing......sometimes we forget about these important issues with our computers!


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