02 January, 2014

Lookie what was in the mail!

Isn't the ball ornament in the photo above so pretty! I was one of the lucky winners in Laura's giveaway from: Laura's Little House Blog. Her Etsy shoppe is at: Rhodes Creations Etsy. I chose this green and red plaid homespun ornament, as green is my favorite color. Laura also sent the darling craft paper hang tag (in the photo), along with a Joy To The World CD of Christmas songs. Thank you so much, Laura. All of your creations are so lovely.

'Guess you noticed that this blog has been re-designed. After many hours of attempting to fix the Simple template, I changed over to the Ethereal. That's a new word for me. It means delicate and elegant in a sense that is nearly too great for this world. Synonyms include: elegant, exquisite, and graceful. So, now things are all better again, lol. 'Also changed this blog's favicon to a green spool of thread. We are about to eat supper. It is very cold in Alabama today, with temps forecast to drop down to around 18° tonight. Brrr! How is your local weather?


  1. beautiful ornament Danice.

    Snowing here in Pa. with temps to drop to 4 degrees
    tonight with winds picking up.

    Stay warm.

  2. What a great giveaway. I love the ball ornament. And the new layout of your blog. Have a great evening,

  3. That ball ornament is adorable. Laura is very talented. Sounds like you are having a heat wave there compared to here in Wisconsin. We've been having below 0 weather here. On Sunday night it is supposed to get -24 with a high of -17. brrrr!

  4. Hey Danice, love the ornament! I made about 20 of these many moons ago and use them on my tree each year. I like the material she used. I'm a plaid lover. Hope your Christmas was very Merry!

  5. Danice: So glad you liked it! Sorry it took a while to comment...you know how it is sometimes! Love the picture and I remembered that you like the color green! Love your blog! Any tips on how to get your blog to load faster? I mean a blog in general, not yours in particular....Thanks and God bless! Love, Laura

  6. Thank you all. Laura, to help a blog/site load faster, here are 2 tips: 1. Don't use animated (moving) graphics 2. Optimize your images. This does not reduce the actual dimensions of the image, rather it reduces the image's "weight", or space that it uses on the web. A great free place to do that is at Dynamic Drive:



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