04 January, 2014

Wagon wheel chandelier

Good morning friends. Pictured above is a wooden wagon wheel chandelier. It was placed in mother's house way back in 1963, and recently stopped working. It is in the part of the house that I rent from mother, and blends so well with my frontier themed room. We were so sad that it stopped working, but thought of a way to still keep it: move it (to make room for a new fixture) and just have it mounted into the ceiling as a "dummy", for looks only. So even though it no longer works, it still looks great in my living room, doesn't it? We priced some new wagon wheel chandeliers, and soon learned that they are way above our price range. The four lamps are glass, and their shades are metal. The new fixture is just a simple pendant style and has a rubbed bronze finish to blend well in the room. The cherry wood walls look good with both fixtures. Do you all remember or have a wagon wheel chandelier?

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