Been offline a week...

Well hello friends. Yes, I was offline for a week due to computer troubles. The cooling fan quit, and of course a new one had to be ordered. The day it quit, we were covered in snow and all schools as well as many businesses were closed, including the computer repair shop. So, today I finally got my computer back. 'Have emailed the folks who emailed hunting me down, lol. So sorry about the delay.

Merry Winter, except now we in northwest Alabama are under a wind advisory and possible tornado! How this weather changes so rapidly! I have missed you all. Thanks to Diane of: Lavender Dreamer for telling you all where I was. The posts on the 14th and 19th had been pre-scheduled. My smartphone will go online, but it is so difficult for me to do that with the RA. 'Always hit the wrong button or 2 at a time. Plus, on the smartphone the webpage is so small. Emailing and posting is not easy via a smartphone. 'So glad to be back. Prim blessings to you all.
Image: Twin Creek Primitives


  1. Hey there girlfriend! I'm so happy to see you back online today. I know it is a nuisance to have 'puter problems! I got your sweet card today, too! Thank you so much. It brightened my day! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Glad to see you back on line Danice. It is so hard in our day and age with all the online things we do to be cut off like that.
    Now the hard part...catching up!

  3. Thanks Danice. Glad you got your computer fixed. My how we're addicted aren't we.



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