Easy-to-make felt hair clasps

Hello friends. Above are three easy-to-make felt hair clasps for my darling granddaughter. Supplies needed: alligator clasp, 7" length of 3/8" wide gros grain ribbon, craft felt, and a hot glue gun. First, cut the craft felt into the shapes you want. Next, apply hot glue to the alligator clasp's outside and inside. Be sure to keep the clasp open. Hot glue dries quickly, so quickly wrap the gros grain ribbon around and inside the clasp. Hold firmly for a few seconds. Trim away any excess gros grain ribbon. Glue the very back piece of felt onto the center outside of the clasp. Hold firmly. Then glue the other felt pieces and hold firmly in place. Tada! You have made a cute felt hair clasp! The alligator clips work really well for thin hair. To help them stay in place better, cut a narrow piece of rubber shelf liner and hot glue it inside the clasp. The pink and red heart is very Valentines Day-ish, isn't it? The owl and the monkey are two of my granddaughter's favorite animals.

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