Sunbonnet Sue quilt beginnings...

Yes, I have begun to make my first large quilt. Pictured above are some of the Sunbonnet Sues that have been sewn thus far. For a full-size quilt,there will be a total of 42 blocks (6 across and 7 vertically). Each one's shoe will be either brown, black, or white, depending on her color of clothing. 'Thinking of making some of them barefooted. There are many variations on this ages-old quilt pattern, and this particular one is designed by Eleanor Burns of: Sunbonnet Sue Visits Quilt In A Day fame (not an affiliate link). I purchased the book years ago, and am just now tackling the job. That is not an affiliate link. 'Just thought you may want to know where to purchase the book.

This quilt will be for my darling granddaughter Macey. The Sunbonnet Sues are sewn from remnants of the clothing that I have sewn for her. Traditionally, ladies would use clothing remnants to make quilts. Perhaps this was done of necessity, which makes the quilt even more personal and special. An heirloom for many years to come. 'Will keep you all posted on the progress. Do you prefer squared binding corners or mitered?


  1. Good morning Danice, it is going to be fantastic! Your sweet granddaughter is sure to love her new quilt!I like the corners both ways so I am not much help.LOL! Have fun stitching.Blessings,Jen

  2. I'm sure your granddaughter will cherish this lovely quilt.

  3. I've never made a quilt but this would be my favorite design. I have a few blocks that my grandmother made! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Hugs!

  4. I have always wanted to make a Sunbonnet Sue quilt or maybe just a redwork version. Yours is going to be very special and what a keepsake!


  5. Wow that is just going to be so darling! I know nothing about quilting so can't answer your question just wanted to say BRAVO for a job well done so far!
    Be blessed,

  6. I'm not a quilter so can't offer an opinion on anything other than to say I know it will be lovely when finished and treasured by your granddaughter for years to come! Can't wait to see it finished.

  7. How sweet! Something for your granddaughter to treasure! :)


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