Sunbonnet Sue quilt: first row blocks completed!

Did you give up on me for this project? Way back in March, I announced the beginning of the Sunbonnet Sue quilt for my darling granddaughter. My health slows me down on all things, but finally the first row of seven blocks is completed. Pictured above is the corner block, which is turned "on point". This simply means that when the quilt is on the bed this Sue will be "walking" upright instead of lying sideways. All of the Sues will be made of clothing scraps of all of the clothes that I have sewn for Macey the first three years of her life. Sunbonnet Sue is a very old pattern dating back to the 19th century. This quilt pattern is from: Eleanor Burns' Quilt In A Day series. 'Not sure, but think this particular book is now out of print. The DVD and the template are still available though. That's not an affiliate link; just a quick way for you to connect to the site. To see another sewn block, follow the link below my signature.
Here is another Sunbonnet Sue quilt block. That's one row of seven blocks. Only five more rows to go, each with seven blocks = 42 blocks total. 'Will show a photo of the whole quilt top when completed. I am using invisible thread to zig-zag stitch around all of the Sues. Prim Summer blessings.


  1. This would be my favorite quilt design....takes me back to my childhood! It's beautiful and special using these fabrics! Hope you're feeling good now! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. love the progress of your Sue Bonnet Quilt, I was going to make one so many many moons ago, even have the Sue's cut out that I purchased years ago, can't wait to see more of your progress, Blessings & good health to you!


  3. Really cute Danice! I've always loved Sunbonnet Sue!!


  4. Danice, I love your Sue Bonnet quilt, it looks so professional. I wish I knew how to applique, do you do it by hand? It is so lovely! hugs, Lecia

  5. Thank you all. This quilt is really a learning experience for sure. Lecia, I do my appliques on machine, using invisible thread, with a zig-zag stitch.


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