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Hello friends. Yes, it is really early here in Alabama. 'Just a quick post to say "Hi" and ask a question: what is happening to our blog lists? Sometimes they change or disappear all together! Every time mine does, it's log in and save my layout and the blog list is back again and correct until a while later. Yes, something is definitely wrong. Have any of you noticed this?

On a happier note, my daughter and her family are coming today and so looking forward to seeing them all. SIL was in a car wreck a couple of weeks ago and we are so thankful that he was not injured badly. Praying for their safe arrival in the morning. Hoping that you all are having a safe Labor Day weekend.

Oh, and the winner of the Followers Appreciation giveaway was Carolyn of: Sew.Darn.Quilt Blog. The pinwheel quilt is on it's way to Carolyn. Prim Summer blessings.


  1. i have though maybe they are getting ready to shut it down, i hope not because i read a lot of blogs on there that don't have bloglovin

  2. Hi Danice...I have the same problem with my blog lists but usually if I refresh a few times they come back.
    Have a great day with family tomorrow, I am sure you will. I meant to tell you that i loved the cute quilt top for your giveaway. It was my birthday that day and I had family here all weekend so missed getting into the giveaway but wanted you to know how cute it was. Love the Sunbonnet Sue also!
    Be blessed,

  3. Refreshing a web page will not repair any issue with Blogger or any other site, sadly. Nothing on a blog or web site should change or disappear unless the owner/author changes or deletes it. The settings should not up and change or disappear. Thank you for the compliments on the giveaway quilt and the Sunbonnet Sue quilt Cindi.' Hoping you had a happy birthday.

  4. Yes, that happens to me too Danice...I just wait it out and it eventually comes back. It is really nothing new for me...been happening for a long, long time. I'm sorry to have missed your giveaway - things have been so crazy around here this summer...looking forward to a return to a more normal schedule.
    I'm hoping to post the Pin Keep info in the next week or so. Have a great week!


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