Market Day quilt completed!

Hello friends. It is finally completed: the Market Day SAL quilt! This fun event was presented by Pam Buda at: Heartspun Quilts. What great fun as well as a learning experience. Plus, we will get to see other people's creations from this pattern. Great preparation for attempting larger projects, lol. To see some more photos of this quilt, follow the link below my signature.
A solid navy color was chosen for the binding. A solid berry color was chosen for the quilt backing. This pattern is really prim and pretty, isn't it? This SAL has truly been a learning process to help prepare me for finishing the Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Pam Buda always has the best quilt designs, fabrics, and SAL's. If you haven't looked at her blog, be sure to visit and follow. Have you ever participated in a SAL (stitch-a-long)?


  1. Oh Danice it is beautiful! I only wish I could create that...sewing and me are not friends but love looking at all of your things!
    Be blessed,

  2. Danice, I love, love your quilt! You are so talented. hugs, Lecia

  3. I just got my Market day basted. Am looking forward to a finish soon!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. You are a no-reply commentor so this is the only way I had to contact you. I'm glad you like the old world Santa- working with wool is so easy and rewarding.

  4. Thank you all. Quilting is still new to me, but I am learning a lot. Yes, I am a No Reply Blogger not because I want to be unfriendly. It is a safety measure. Making one's email address a link or otherwise visible to the world wide web is very dangerous. This is how many blog and email accounts get hacked. Near the top of my left sidebar is an old phone image with "Email" below it. This will take you to my secure contact form :)


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