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Thrifty Thursday: old wood spools

It's Thrifty Thursday again. Pictured above are three old wood thread spools found at a local antique shop. I am not sure how old they are, but they do look prim and vintage. These were a good find at only $4.50 for all three. 'Thinking they will look nice on a shelf in my sewing area. Actually, these old wood spools are not easily found around this town. Do you all ever see any in your nearby towns? Prim Autumn blessings,


  1. Hi Danice, I have a small box where I have been collecting wooden spools. I haven't done anything with them, other than put them in the box,. They are very hard to find anymore. When I started sewing all of our thread was on wooden spools, but that started changing in the late sixties. I love your blog and I especially love your Sunbonnet Sue quilt. I am a quilter, too. I'm just a beginner and only started quilting a little over a year ago. I am your newest follower and I hope that you will visit my blog and follow me back. I love making new blogging friends.
    Connie :)

  2. I have not seen green or other colored spools before. Neat find! My gram's stash of thread is mostly on wood spools from her sewing days. They all have cheap prices on them though I do not know what years they are from. I use them in my sewing and save the spools when they empty. I took a handful of the spools and wrapped a piece of scrap fabric on each, and display them in a bowl. :) ~Jessica

  3. Hi Danice! Your old spools are fabulous - what a wonderful find :) Have a great weekend! Hugs


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