Meet Jill and Belinda!

Good morning. Pictured above are two more of my Madame Alexander© dolls. Stamped on the back of each one's neck is, "Alexander 19 © 65". On the left, meet Jill. She is listed as the 20" large "Puddin'" by the company. Her sister, on the right, is Belinda. Belinda is listed as the 22" large "Pussy-Cat" by the company. Several sources list this "Puddin'" as a rare baby doll. Their clothing is, sadly, not original. These dresses were purchased at a local consignment shop, but they do fit the dolls well, don't they? Long ago, both of these babies were "criers", but their "cry boxes" no longer work. Jill and Belinda were absolutely two of my childhood favorites. It was innovative that, back then, you could choose the size, the skin, hair, and eye color of a new Madame Alexander© doll. Nowadays, these two have a home sitting in a chair in my bedroom. To see a close-up of these two cuties' faces, follow the link below my signature.
Here are Jill and Belinda, starring in their close-up. Poor Jill seems to have a lazy left eye. Time has discolored both dolls' plastic parts as well. From now on, each will get a weekly cleaning with antibacterial wipes. Their hair is also rumpled, but didn't have much luck trying to help that issue. Any suggestions? 'Thinking of either locating some original clothing or making some that is similar. Which would you do? Prim blessings,


  1. Hi Danice,
    What adorable dolls and I haven't ever heard of them! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the both, but jill is my favorite. Baby dolls are so sweet. Thanks for sharing your sweet girl.

  3. You can shampoo their hair, I do that for mine.....comes out nice.

  4. These are very cute dolls Danice! When I was about 3 or4 years old, my sister and I ( we were 11 months apart in age) received a Patty Playpal doll each. You can google it to see what they looked like - were almost the same size as we were!

  5. Thank you all. Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman (1895-1990), is known as"The queen of dolls". She was quite progressive in a time when not many females created, owned, and supervised their own businesses. Her doll company is still located in New York city. Of Austrian/Russian descent, her philosophy was that "Dolls are made to be played with and loved." She ensured that her doll creations have realistic and unique faces. Only the finest materials are used in the production of her dolls :)


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