Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter 2024

Happy Easter! Today is also the last day of National Quilting Month. This is another doll from a Sanker Studios pattern. The title is B is for Bunny, and I have named mine Beatrice. She is approx. 23" from tip of her ears to toes, and wears a pink dress with white geometric print. My favorite part of her emsemble is her furry, muslin-lined bunny hood. Isn't it adorable? She was actually made a few years ago. Please continue reading for more, and for comments.

Here is a full view of Beatrice and her little baby bunny. These two are sitting in my living room on that stool, along with other Sanker Studios dolls. Brenda's designs are folksy yet with a modern flair. Beatrice and her baby bunny will be in my living room year 'round, not just in the Spring. Have you ever made any dolls?

doll pattern: B is for Bunny | ©2019 Brenda Jett Sanker

Blessings, Danice G.

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Angie in SoCal said...

Cute! I haven't made any dolls except those from panels. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Finger all healed, machines still at the shop. Blessings,